Benefit System

「Welcome to join us!」

Founded in 2010, located at Douliu City, Yunlin County, Taiwan, Ming Hwei Energy is dedicated in the development and production of premium quality solar cells along with high conversion efficiency. If you are interested in solar industry, please join our group.

  • Labor insurance,retirement pay,and National health insurance.

  • Annual paid leave base on the labor law.

  • Bonus of National Chinese festivals,and end of year bonus.
    (base on company's revenues and personal efficiency)

  • Birthing,married,and funeral allowance.

  • Monthly parenting allowance,and house-renting allowance.

  • Intermediary bonus.

  • Annual banquet.

  • Recreative space in doors and out of doors.

  • Free daily staff meal.

  • Free annual health check.

  • Spacious parking lots.